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送付先:〒910-1142 福井県吉田郡永平寺町松岡兼定島4丁目1番1号

    福井県立大学 学術教養センター 浜本隆三研究室



The Fifth International Symposium on Literature and Environment in East Asia (ISLE-EA)

Environmental Humanities: Globalization, Adaptation, Education

November 5-6, 2016

Dongguk University, Seoul, Korea

The Association for the Study of Literature and Environment in Korea (ASLE-Korea) invites proposals for its fifth International Symposium on Literature and Environment in East Asia (ISLE-EA), to be held from November 5 through 6, 2016, at Dongguk University. The major themes of this symposium take the focus on the issue of environmental humanities for the purpose of bridging the following customary divides: between the sciences and the humanities, between Western and Eastern views of nature, between theoretical axioms and educational practices, between destructive mind and ecological healing, and between industrial/urban and traditional/rural perspectives about the natural world. Any thought-provoking ideas which illuminate humanity as part of a larger ecosystem are welcome. Plenary speakers from the Pacific Rim region are expected to add inspirational comments on perceiving the organic world and its inorganic parts as a single system. 

We hope to receive proposals for presentations, panels, and roundtables that dismantle our conventional thoughts and practices in order to creatively reconstruct new perceptions and values on the unchartered nature. 

Presentation topics may include but are not limited to: 


—environmental discourses in global and local contexts

—environmental education for the twentieth first century

—nature and healing in environmental studies

—interdisciplinary approaches to the natural world

—environmental imagination in the literary works

—ecological discourses in the Anthropocene 

—imaging nature in the mass media

—environmental justice

—animal rights 



Proposals of 400-500 words should be sent to by April 30, 2016. Each proposal should include contact information, affiliation, brief biographical description (around 100 words), and ASLE-related organization membership in the e-mail main body, attaching the proposal file in the form of PDF or MS-Word. Membership in ASLE-Korea, ASLE-Japan, ASLE-Taiwan, or another ASLE affiliation is required to present a paper at the symposium, except for those who have been invited to present. 


Further inquiries can be directed to the below contact information.


Dong-hwan Lee

ASLE-K Editor

Associate Professor

Department of English Education

Gyeongin National University of Education

Gyeyang-gu Gyesan-ro 62

Incheon 21044, Republic of Korea


Tel: +82-32-540-1314 (office), +82-10-9065-3438 (mobile)

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