23rd Annual ASLE-J National Conference, August 24-25

The 2017 ASLE-J national conference will be held at Seisen University in Tokyo on August 24 and 25. Our program will feature two keynote speeches. The first will be a joint presentation on August 24 by two distinguished scholars on Japanese literature and nature; Watanabe Kenji and Komine Kazuaki, both professors emeritus at Rikkyo University. Their topic will be  “Classical Japanese Literature, from the Viewpoint of Environmental literature”. On August 25, the second keynote speech will be given by the prominent novelist and writer on environmental issues, Taguchi Randy. The title of her speech will be “Standing at the Brink: Myself as the Environment”. The program will also include six individual presentations, a roundtable presentation, a series of book reviews by graduate students, and our annual members’ meeting.  We will also have a short “Urban Nature Watching” session; exploring the rich urban nature on the campus of Seisen University, and a chance to view Seisen’s historic main building, designed and built 100 years ago by renowned British architect Josiah Conder. The dinner party on the 24th will be held at the nearby restaurant Trattoria Arietta.  For more detailed information on the conference, please refer to the schedule on the ASLE-J website, or contact the organizing committee chair, Bruce Allen, at allen@seisen-u.ac.jp.


What's New

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