Literature and Environment

ASLE-Japan’s official journal, published annually since 1998.


ASLE-Japan Newsletter

Issued biannually.


Nature: Urban, Rural, Wild (Sairyusha, 2004)

A collection of essays and articles presented at the ASLE International Symposium in Okinawa. Edited by YAMAZATO Katsunori, et al. (Japanese)


A Guide to Nature Writing (Minerva, 2000)

Collecting 120 works of Japanese, American, and British nature writing. Complied by ASLE-Japan. (Japanese)


Echoes of the Environment: Interviews with 12 Japanese Leaders (Tsurumi, 2000)

Edited as a college textbook by ASLE-Japan.

What's New

2020年度ASLE-Japan/文学・環境学会 全国大会のご案内」を更新し、プログラムを掲載しました。