About Us


Founded in May 1994, the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment in Japan (ASLE-Japan) has been developing intellectual communities of teachers, students, journalists, writers, artists, and scholars, who share an interest in issues of literature and environment. In fostering works which explore literary and cultural representations of relationships between humans and the natural/social environments, ASLE-Japan holds an annual conference, publishes its house journal Literature and Environment, and issues biannual newsletters.

ASLE-Japan welcomes you to participate in our interdisciplinary studies of literature, culture, and the environment.


In addition to annual conferences, ASLE-Japan has hosted a couple of international symposium. A few of the speakers at these include:ISHIMURE Michiko, HINO Keizo, Linda Hogan, KATO Yukiko, KO Un, W. S. Merwin, MIKI Taku, MORISAKI Kazue, Brenda Peterson, SAKIYAMA Tami, Gary Snyder, and TAKADA Hiroshi.


Literature and Environment.

ASLE-Japan’s official journal, published annually since 1998.

ASLE-Japan Newsletter.

Issued biannually.

Nature: Urban, Rural, Wild (Sairyusha, 2004).

A collection of essays and articles presented at the ASLE International Symposium in Okinawa. Edited by YAMAZATO Katsunori, et al. (Japanese)

A Guide to Nature Writing (Minerva, 2000).

Collecting 120 works of Japanese, American, and British nature writing. Complied by ASLE-Japan. (Japanese)

Echoes of the Environment: Interviews with 12 Japanese Leaders (Tsurumi, 2000).

Edited as a college textbook by ASLE-Japan.



ASLE-Japan は the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment in Japan の略称。「アズリージャパン」と読みます。